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Reinke and CropX® are global leaders in agriculture technology, and are optimizing a bold new era of precision management solutions for growers around the world.

Trusted by growers, Reinke and CropX are providing the integrated tools to simplify farm management for you.

CropX Farm Management Dashboard


The world's first do-it-yourself farm management solution

CropX is the world’s first fully do-it-yourself agronomic farm management solution.  CropX provides growers and their advisors with a suite of agronomic planning and decision-making tools for monitoring growing conditions, optimizing input use, and maximizing results.  While the initial focus of CropX was irrigation management, the platform now includes additional capabilities such as disease management, and nutrition management.

Crop management real-time monitor for growing conditions

The CropX farm management platform includes hardware for collecting data below ground, software for combining and analyzing data from a variety of sources to create actionable insights, and an easy-to-use user interface dashboard for accessing data and insights.

CropX Farm Management Platform
Featured CropX Farm Management Tools

The simplest, most efficient and precise way to manage irrigation powered by CropX’s artificial intelligence and patented soil moisture sensor.

CropX is deployed on over 10,000 fields, 50 countries, across all arable continents, on over 80 crop types. Users include smallholder family farms as well as multinational agribusinesses with thousands of partner farms.

The irrigation prescription
constantly adapts to the changing conditions of the soil and weather, based on the user’s irrigation type, soil type and texture, crop type and variety, precise weather information and more.

CropX hardware and software are designed to overcome obstacles to digital transformation from a focus on easy installation and set up to overcoming connectivity challenges in remote areas.

A CropX sensor could be installed by anyone within 5 minutes, allowing large scale farms deployment over short time periods.


The most tested and reliable digital disease management advisor in the market provides guidance on exactly when, where, and what to spray.

Enabling growers to precisely time chemical applications, ensuring crop yield and quality are protected and resource use is optimized. 

The platform advises on the best day and time to apply chemicals to minimize the risk of drift or runoff.

CropX disease management helps farmers potentially reduce the number of spray applications and amount of crop protection chemicals used. 

The CropX model was able to accurately identify conditions where the time between sprays could be stretched to 2-3 weeks without risking yield.  It is the most complete solution with coverage for over 80 crop varieties. 

The system has been validated by top tier universities and crop protection manufacturers and has been used and trusted by farmers around the globe for over 25 years.

Crop & Soil

All the tools needed to monitor real-time growing conditions and optimize crop performance.

  • Satellite imagery
  • Multi-layer soil moisture
  • Salinity
  • Temperature
  • Growing degree days
  • Crop coefficients
  • Weather data and more.

Vegetation health indices
including NDVI, SAVI, moisture index, help optimize planting and harvesting dates by integrating crop models with satellite imagery. 

Crop specific recommendations, adjusted to crop growth stage, are provided by combining analyzed root depth with satellite imaging and specific crop protocol. 

Crop specific recommendations, adjusted to crop growth stage, by
combining analyzed root depth with satellite imaging and specific crop protocol.  By analyzing crop growth against known crop models, CropX can detect any deviation from such baseline, and identify early stage field variability and non-uniformity of crop growth and alert the user


The first solution of its kind for continuously monitoring salinity and nitrogen leaching to ensure soils can support crop production.

CropX combines data from the patented CropX soil sensor and  proprietary algorithms
created and lab tested by CropX agronomists to bring the industry’s first salinity and nitrogen leaching solution. 

The continuous monitoring of nitrogen movement in the soil enables users to adjust nitrogen, irrigation, and fertigation based on real time conditions and
ensuring nitrogen is available to the plants while minimizing loss from it moving below the root zone.  Users can track and report a season long view of nitrogen leaching events to
demonstrate responsible nitrogen management.

The CropX solution for salinity monitoring is easier, less time consuming and able to supply immediate results compared to the conventional lab soil sample
method of measurement (saturated paste Electric Conductivity).


Reinke Direct ET™ by CropX adds a valuable set of information to the already powerful Irrigation Planning capability. Users can access field maps, tap into irrigation insights, take advantage of variable rate irrigation, and track irrigation events for streamlined record-keeping.

Not All ET Measurements Are Created Equal
  • Reference ET (ETo) is the total water use of a well-watered lawn. This is available through many weather service websites, apps, and radio reports.
  • Crop ET (ETc) is ETo multiplied by a crop coefficient (Kc) and is used to estimate the water use of a specific crop type that has no water stress.
  • Model ET uses satellite-based infrared sensing methods to only approximate Actual ET (ETa) by relating air temperature changes to canopy temperatures. These methods are only accurate when continuously calibrated with Actual ET sensors.
  • Actual ET (ETa) in contrast is the actual water use of a specific field, measured directly and in real-time.

Real-Time Information Directly From The Field

Reinke Direct ET by CropX provides: 

  • Actual Evapotranspiration (ETa) data: Reinke Direct ET by CropX sensors measure and monitor the water use of your crop daily, in real time. Don’t wait days or weeks for critical crop information! ETa is measured over a broad area of your field.
  • Irrigation Insights: The CropX Irrigation Planning capability uses Direct ET sensor data to present easy-to-understand insights into the water needs of your crop. It even makes irrigation recommendations for you.
  • Water Use and Availability Monitoring: Crop water use data coupled with soil water availability monitoring from soil sensors ensures users can make the most precise, profitable, and responsible irrigation decisions with confidence. Precise, profitable, and responsible irrigation decisions with confidence.


Reinke’s precision irrigation integrated with CropX’s agronomic farm management data is a world-class combination providing growers with easy-to-use, accurate, and efficient, farming operation tools no matter where they’re located.   

Reinke has the precision irrigation products to monitor and operate numerous pivots from one location. With integration into the CropX farm management system, you can quickly view the status of your irrigation system, weather and crop sensor, allowing you to make decisions on the go.

Reinke's RC10 Remote Management
Remote Management

Reinke remote management comprises of Reinke’s RC10™ and ReinCloud-Ready® products, all under one ReinCloud® software.  With this powerful package, irrigation systems can be operated remotely from any place, at any time.

With labor shortages and quality help hard to find, RC10 makes it easy to connect your farms’ irrigation systems to easily manage remotely.  The on-the-go availability, whenever, wherever you are, remote management will give you the power to do more, with less.

From high-level data to in-depth graphs, ReinCloud provides a place so you can make informed decisions on the go.

Stay informed and connected on any device whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

CropX integration through Reinke’s ReinCloud® software platform creates a complete solution for understanding your crops and controlling your irrigation with power and precision.


Reinke's ESAC

Reinke’s Electronic Swing Arm Corner (ESAC™), uses sequential sprinkler zones and provides electronic zone control based on GPS positioning virtually eliminating over and under-watering. 

  • The ESAC uniformity applies precise amounts of water based on GPS positioning.
  • The Swing Arm path is optimized to ensure proper water application.
  • With ESAC controls, growers can virtually eliminate under and over-watering throughout their field corners.

To ensure water application uniformity, the ESAC optimizes the swing arm path to create a prescription for that individual field. Based off of the GPS position in the field, the ESAC applies the precise amount of water in that location.

This precise control over the water can virtually eliminate under and over-watering throughout the corners of the field.

Reinke's Variable Rate Irrigation Technology

Using VRI, allows you to create unique field prescriptions to apply precise amounts of water to defined sections of the field. The prescriptions can be calculated according to numerous variables and used with almost any pivot or lateral move irrigation system.

Variable rate irrigation applies precise amounts of water to match numerous variables within each field.

With the ability to create multiple prescriptions based on soil variables and topography, you have the power to control where the water goes, in the most sustainable and efficient way.

Sector VRI

Sector VRI segments the coverage area into multiple pie-like slices (sectors) up to 1/10th of a degree by controlling the speed of the pivot, which increases or decreases the water application rate.

Zone VRI

In addition to the Sector VRI, the coverage area can further be divided into as many as 84 rings. By combining the sectors and rings, more than 300,000 independently controlled zones are created for precision water application.


You bring knowledge and a bold desire to try new methods of working in agriculture.  You are a trusted advisor with grit and determination to make things happen.  You stay informed and connected your way.  You can have peace of mind with the simple farm management tools by Reinke and CropX.


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